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Nikki Moore is the Co-Founder of Live Moore Co., a lifestyle apparel brand, successful entrepreneur, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Author and Inspirational Speaker.


Matt & Nikki Moore were in their early 30’s, running two successful businesses, happily married and with their first baby on the way.  Suddenly and unexpectedly they were faced with one of the biggest obstacles imaginable: cancer.  Hear their journey of facing daily challenges both personally & professionally, opening their hearts to deeper understandings of life, and through it all, creating a brand to inspire others to Live Moore!

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Our Story: Inspire. Love. Live

This story has never been easy for us to share. See when you’re 32 years old, happily married to the most amazing partner, and expecting your first child, you don’t expect to be told you have cancer, a late stage cancer.  But when you do, it’s the scariest, most shocking news you could ever face, and then you face it, you fight it together, and all of a sudden, you see the world differently.

Relationships come to the forefront of life. No longer does work or money or material things matter. It’s the people. It’s the moments. The past is over, the future isn’t promised, and the present is now your greatest gift. You live for each day, each hour. You live to fight. You live to tell your story. You live to inspire!

This brings us to the heart and soul of Live Moore. We don’t know where this journey will take us, but we know it has led us here. To you. To this moment. Our hope and our prayer is that by telling our story, we can inspire you to live in your present, to take risks, and to love the life you live. Live for your moment. #LiveMoore    – Matt & Nikki Moore

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Colon Cancer Awareness Advocate

Nikki dedicates a lot of her time shining a light on Colon Cancer Awareness and promoting early testing.  As her late husband was only 32 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she firmly believes in early detection.  You can find Nikki using her Live Moore brand and the legacy of her husband, Matthew to be a face and advocate to enhance the awareness of colon cancer and to embrace each day by “Living Moore”.

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Elizabeth Hawkins, PhD

Elizabeth Hawkins, PhD


"I attended the “Get Your Rear in Gear” walk in Portland and heard Nikki Moore speak. I was blown away by her story and the emotion and energy she brought to the event. I, as well as those around me, was in tears hearing the moving message behind Live Moore. I left that event motivated to embrace living in the present moment and focus on what matters most: people and relationships. It is far too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day busyness of life and put off building memories with those you love. Nikki and Matt’s story serves as a powerful reminder that each day is a gift and to live it fully and meaningfully."

Megan Fenyoe

Megan Fenyoe


“Nikki’s authenticity is contagious. Her journey of transformation and rising strong in life is one that inspires me and all that get to hear her speak. I am so grateful for Nikki’s message and her commitment to choosing every day to find heart, mindfulness and to Live Moore.”

Jenna Helgeson

Jenna Helgeson

Editor & Freelancer

I knew Matt and Nikki for a couple of years prior to Matt’s diagnosis. They were a force. They forged their path in the world and went after what they wanted. Nikki was already a force in her own right and it has been an honor and privilege to get a peek behind the curtain of such a person. I attended both the Tucson and Portland Get Your Rear in Gear events and heard Nikki share hers and Matt’s story. While their story is touching and heart wrenching, what got me was how she connected with people, how she engaged. She is able to meet people in such an emotional and raw way, sharing her scars while holding space for others to do the same; it both impressed and impacted me. Matt is missed everyday, and sometimes it doesn’t seem real that he is gone. Nikki is the reason I feel like this. She has carried their message on in such an inspiring way. She is a person in unchartered territory doing impressive, touching work. She is trying to give people hope when sometimes she doesn’t have it herself. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Thank you, Nikki.

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